The CTK-1100 offers ambitious beginners a multitude of options for really delving into the world of music. The clear LCD screen helps with orientation and the CTK-1100 comes with a perfectly designed learning system for effective key training. The feature for selecting right or left hand, available at the touch of a button, enables for example, sections to be practiced individually for the right or left hand in combination with the 100 built-in pieces. The controller is easy to use with simple stop, play/pause, rewind, fast forward controls. The design is stylish too, jet black and ultra slim.

  • Headphone Port
  • Stereo Speakers
  • LCD Screen
  • Keyboard 
    61 normal-size keys, 5 octaves
  • Tones 
  • Polyphony 
    Max. 12-tone (6-tone for certain tone qualities)
  • Automatic accompaniment 
    Rhythm pattern: 100
    Tempo: variable (236 steps = 20 to 255)
    Chords: 2 fingerings (CASIO CHORD, FINGERED)
    Rhythm controller: START/STOP (start/stop), SYNCHRO/FILL-IN (synchronic/fill-in)
    Accompaniment volume: 0 to 9 (10 levels)
  • Song bank 
    Musical pieces: 100
    Controller: PLAY/PAUSE, STOP, REW, FF (fast forward), LEFT ON/OFF (ACCOMP), RIGHT ON/OFF (MELODY)
  • Other functions 
    Transposition: 12 steps (-6 semitones to +5 semitones)
    Tuning: variable (A4 = approx. 440 Hz, ±50 cents)
  • Connections 
    Headphones/output jack: stereo jack socket (output is monophonic)
    Output impedance: 78 Ω
    Output voltage: max. 4 V (rated)
    Power supply terminal: 9.5 V DC (9.5 V direct current)
  • Power supply 
    Two power supply systems
    Batteries: 6 zinc-carbon or alkaline cells, size AA
    Battery life expectancy: approximately 2 hours of non-stop operation with zinc-carbon batteries
    Power pack: AD-E95100L
    Automatic switch off: Power supply switches off after about 6 minutes subsequent to last key activation
  • Speaker output power
    2.0 W + 2.0 W
  • Power consumption 
    9.5 V-7.7 W
  • Dimensions 
    9.3 × 94.9 × 30.4 cm
  • Weight
    Approximately 3.3 kg (including batteries)

Specifications are subject to change w/o notice.

Downloads for the CTK-1100: